CocoaHeads Mar 26: Atlas and Cappuccino

The guys from 280 North will speak at the next CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting, this Thursday, March 26 at 7pm. We'll get first-hand demo of the new Atlas application which was unveiled at the Future of Web Apps Conference last month. Atlas is a visual design tool for Cappuccino, as Interface Builder is on the Mac.

Francisco Tolmasky - FOWA Miami 2009 from Carsonified on Vimeo.

If you haven't heard of Cappuccino, before, it's essentially a port of several key parts of Cocoa, including AppKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, and a lot of Core Animation. All of this runs client-side, in the browser, but it is not written in the JavaScript language. Instead, 280 North created Objective-J, which is a re-implementation of Objective-C in the JavaScript runtime (you can read more about this in First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J).

These are some pretty incredible claims, but this is the real deal. It really works as advertised. The 280 Slides app is proof of that. Francisco Tolmasky was kind enough to provide me with a demo a few weeks back, and the app is incredibly polished, even at this early stage of its development. He also showed me some really interesting deployment options that I hope we'll see more of on Thursday.

Intuit was kind enough to offer to host us again this month, so a big thanks to them. We are nearly certain the meeting will be at the Darwin meeting room in Building 1. The address is 2535 Garcia Ave in Mountain View. Please arrive at 7pm so we can get started right away.

(Also remember NSCoder Night tonight, Tuesday, at 7pm in Campbell)

If you want to look these guys up on Twitter: See @tolmasky, @boucher, @tlrobinson

See you there.
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CocoaHeads Mar 26: Atlas and Cappuccino
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StuFF mc — Mar 24, 09 6663

Aaaaah! I would die to be there with you guys! Francisco knows how much I'll very very soon need Atlas for a project we start here at Pomcast that involves Cappuccino, Ruby on Rails, and probably still some native iPhone development.

Hey 280N guys, let us know when you come over to Europe!

Alan — Mar 24, 09 6664

You california kids gets get all the fun.

One smallish, nitpicking correction. Objective-J isn't a reimplementation of Objective C. It's a new language that's a superset of Javascript in the same way Objective C was a new language that was a superset of C. It also shares a lot of syntax and conventions with Objective C

The 280 folks addressed this awhile back

Luckily for us however, a group of people ran into these same issues about 25 years ago when trying to improve the C language. These were the folks at Stepstone who developed Objective-C. Just like in our case, Objective-C had to be a strict superset of C (unlike C++ which does NOT always play nice with C). Also lucky for us is that JavaScript syntax is very close to C syntax, so their language additions translated very naturally to JavaScript. And perhaps now it is obvious why our keywords start with the @ symbol, because in this manner there is no possibility of ever clashing with future JavaScript keywords or predefined user variables and functions. In other words, we can now add to the language as much as we want without the fear of breaking compatibility with existing JavaScript.

Fraser Hess — Apr 09, 09 6681

A torrent is now available for the 720p video of this presentation

Nasser — Apr 21, 09 6705

Hi Scott,
Is there any demos for the what cappucino has to offer for animations?.
I was wondering what did the guys in macHeist used for their beautiful website!


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