CocoaHeads WWDC 2009: Wed June 10

I'm very pleased to announce a world-class lineup for CocoaHeads WWDC 2009 on Wednesday, June 10 at 7pm. We have a mix of new and returning speakers, designers and programmers, and a combination of both Mac and iPhone content. And if that doesn't sell you, we have an epic poster.

CocoaHeads WWDC 2009

I asked one of this year's speakers, Sebastiaan de With, if he knew anyone could put together a poster for our event. Instead, he just did it himself. The only guidance I gave him was to do something in the Fillmore concert poster style, and he totally hit it out of the park. There are a number of hidden details if you look closely, and be sure to read the accompanying tweet.

On the guest list, Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster has agreed to return to present again for the WWDC audience after delivering a fantastic talk to our local group recently. So if you felt like you missed out then, now is your chance.

Dirk Stoop of Sofa is another returning speaker from last year. I'm told he's cooking something up something interesting to talk about about, but we don't have the details just yet. Last year's talk was very well received, so I'm looking forward to what they have this time.

Francisco Tolmasky of 280 North is also returning after presenting at last year's CocoaHeads WWDC. Cappuccino has come a long way since then, and has a brand new UI developed in conjunction with Sofa. 280 North's visual development environment for Cappuccino, Atlas, is nearing completion as well, so we hope to see some fancy demos.

A first time speaker for CocoaHeads, Sebastiaan de With (creator of the poster above) has designed many Mac and iPhone apps you're heard of and have probably used. He designed the interface for Classics, one of my absolute favorite iPhone apps, and one of the co-stars of an iPhone commercial. Sebastiaan will talk about some interesting projects he's been working on recently.

We're also very pleased to have Joachim Bondo of Cocoa Stuff for the first time, who will talk about creating the Deep Green chess app for iPhone. If you haven't seen this app, check out the videos on the site to see how well-conceived the user experience is. Also check out the glowing review by John Gruber.

CocoaHeads WWDC 2009
Wednesday, June 10 from 7pm to 9pm
Apple Store San Francisco
One Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Apple Store San Francisco Map
Apple Store is the "A" in this picture, "B" is Moscone West

We will not be able to record video, so you need to show up in person if you'd like to see the talks and meet everyone. We're all looking forward to meeting you Wednesday night and throughout the week.

See you there.
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CocoaHeads WWDC 2009: Wed June 10
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Mark Glossop — Jun 01, 09 6785

Aw snap. I just knew missing WWDC this year was going to cost me. Stupid global financial crisis.

See y'all next year I suppose.

Any chance of someone doing a partial transcription of the gathering, rather than a recording?

Sebastiaan de With — Jun 01, 09 6786

Thanks for the kind words, Scott! Looking forward to this :)

Mischa McLachlan — Jun 01, 09 6787

Will be really cool! i'm definitely gonna attend!

Someone Too Far Away — Jun 01, 09 6788

Once again I wish I was living in the greatest country on the face of this earth. The land of freedom and opportunity.

I find it pity that such an epic gathering of brilliant minds will not be recorded. Seems like an injustice to history to me :( But that may be just me.

Why on earth not record it though? By all means, dear speakers and others, pay someone to record it if you need and then sell the video online. I would happily buy it from you. So would, I am sure of, thousands of other developers. Please reconsider this decision! For history's sake. And for the sake of developers that are not able to make it there.

StuFF mc — Jun 01, 09 6789

I will surely be there! I'm investing quite a lot of time (and money) in Cappuccino because I believe in it's future, so seeing Francisco will be there, I can only say "so will I" :-)

Paul Warren — Jun 01, 09 6790

Scott, is this open to all comers?

Daniel Jalkut — Jun 01, 09 6791

Paul: it's a completely open to anybody who wants to attend. But if past years are any indication, you'll want to get there extremely early if you want a seat or even standing room where you can see the speakers.

Pierce — Jun 01, 09 6793

I'm really sad that there isn't going to a recording at the event, but is there any way to post the slides or do a quick recording afterwords out of the event? I REALLY want to see this but I can't attend it. I would even be willing to pay for the footage of the event, even though being free would be better. ;)

Attabui — Jun 01, 09 6794

Anybody else also see "CocoaNerds" as a possible reading of the poster lettering? Just sayin'.

Steve Weller — Jun 02, 09 6795

I can second Daniel's assertion. There are seats for about a hundred and standing room for a couple of hundred more behind those seats. The event is time-limited also, since the Apple Store will throw everyone out at 9pm.

Some photos from 2008:

Scott Stevenson — Jun 03, 09 6796 Scotty the Leopard

In terms of video, it's not a matter of having someone at the camera. The Apple store requests that we don't record in their theater.

Since we're guests at their house, and they provide all of the facilities and staff for free, I think honoring this one request is more than reasonable.

Pierce — Jun 03, 09 6797

@Scott Stevenson

Hope that last comment wasn't directed specifically at me. ;) I totally get why the Apple Store doesn't want people to record video, and donating the space for free is very generous, and I was just suggesting an alternative.

If the presenters are okay with it, I was just suggesting that they could always do another recording at a time that is okay with them. I hope to be there anyway, but it is always good to have the presentations archived in case you forget something... Also, I assume that by the Apple store not allowing presentations means that no one is allowed to record there, not just you guys, but does this include taking pictures of the presenters?

Scott Stevenson — Jun 03, 09 6798 Scotty the Leopard

@Pierce: Hope that last comment wasn't directed specifically at me. ;)

Definitely not aimed at you. Just a general comment.

If the presenters are okay with it, I was just suggesting that they could always do another recording at a time that is okay with them.

Interesting idea, but I think the problem is that it would take just way too much time to run through again. :)

does this include taking pictures of the presenters?

Photos are fine. In fact, there are a quite a number from previous years in Steve Weller's gallery and on Flickr.

Pierce — Jun 03, 09 6799

@Scott Stevenson

Okay, good it wasn't aimed just at me.

And recording it there would probally take too much time, but maybe when everyone got settled back at home they could do some recorded thing? A bad idea, I suppose, but I really want this thing archived. I'll pay around $50.00 for a copy of the video, not sure about anyone else. :)

cody — Jun 03, 09 6801

Love the poster!

mandaris — Jun 11, 09 6805

Thank you for setting that up! I couldn't make it to WWDC so this is the closest that I could get to being in a session.

Oh, sorry for gushing like obsessed fan after the presentations!

Bill So — Jun 12, 09 6807

Hey~ it's bill the host of HK CocoaHeads. It's great connecting in the event! Have a great conference!

Steve Weller — Jun 14, 09 6808

I recorded the audio of Cocoaheads from the front row using my camera's stereo recording feature. Once I have processed the 1G of data I collected, I'll make it available for download. That will take me a little while to complete, so be patient.

Alex Varin — Jun 14, 09 6809

@Steve Weller: Thank you so much for recording the audio! Perhaps, I'm wrong, but I believe that video is overkill for Cocoa talks. To quite a lot of people an audio recording gets 95% of what a video would deliver, for an event of this sort. (Unless it's Wil Shipley on stage and then everybody is rather happier downloading 2G+ videos :)

Steve Weller — Jun 24, 09 6816

Audio and photos are now available.

Audio is at:

and photos are at:

The audio is in stereo AAC format and runs 120 minutes and 112 MB. Thanks to @randomscripts for hosting the audio.

Feel free to create a torrent of this as well and volunteer other hosting.


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