CocoaHeads Thu Apr 23: Wil Shipley on iPhone

The next CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting is this Thursday, April 23 at 7pm. Our featured speaker is Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster, who will share what he's learned while writing his first iPhone app. I'm told this is the first time the app will be shown to the general public, so you may get to see something special.

Let's let the poster do the talking.

CocoaHeads: Delicious Monster iPhone

Thursday, April 23 at 7pm (sharp)
Apple Building 4 — Garage 1 Meeting Room

Map to 1 Infinite Loop

(If you enter from the main driveway at 1 Infinite Loop, drive around the circle until you see the big red "4" in front of Building 4.)

Wil is a two-year veteran of our special "WWDC edition" CocoaHeads get-together in San Francisco, but this is his first visit to a local meeting in Silicon Valley.

For those new to the scene, Delicious Monster is among the most successful independent Mac developers, and has been a driving force in the platform's shift from purely function, generic UI designs towards apps that take style and character into account.

Additionally, Wil's Student Talk from WWDC 2005 was something of a turning point for the community. It explained — arguably for the first time — why making Mac software was not only more fun, but often more profitable than writing software for other platforms. Many Mac developers in business today were inspired by that presentation.

Wil is both a talented engineer and an engaging speaker. I guarantee you won't be bored and you probably won't leave without gaining at least a few significant insights into the iPhone SDK. It's also worth noting that while we have had presentations on iPhone before, this is the first from the perspective of third-party developer with long-term Cocoa experience.

See you there.
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CocoaHeads Thu Apr 23: Wil Shipley on iPhone
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Roman Busyghin — Apr 21, 09 6702

Scott, will you post video from this session?

Matteo Manferdini — Apr 21, 09 6703

I was one of the many inspired by his Student Talk and it would be wonderful to follow his speech. Unfortunately I live in Italy and San Francisco is a little out of reach for me.
I hope there will be a video of this meeting.

Scott Stevenson — Apr 21, 09 6704 Scotty the Leopard

@Roman Busyghin: Scott, will you post video from this session?

We're very aware that there are a lot of people who are not local, but recording is tricky because you have to get approval from everyone who is involved. If we can record video without putting a significant burden on anyone, we will.

cesar — Apr 21, 09 6706

Scott, video will be awesome if possible.... and how about the slides?


John C. Randolph — Apr 21, 09 6707

I remember Wil's talk that year. His explanation of why it makes business sense to develop for the Mac instead of Windows is something I wish a lot more people understood.


Luis de la Rosa — Apr 23, 09 6710

Maybe instead of recording video, you could just mic up Wil? That plus his slides and we'll have something just as good as his Student Talk from WWDC 2005:

Bonus points if he goes "beep" when he switches slides. :)

Ruth Ann Harnisch — Apr 23, 09 6714

Despite my near-total ignorance of everything this talk is about, I join those who hope for a recording.
Wil Shipley is so entertaining that I'm sure I'd enjoy this talk even if I don't understand a single technical thing he says.

Jim Roepcke — Apr 23, 09 6716

Yet another person hoping the talk is recorded. I was at the 2005 WWDC Student talk, which is why I'm sure this talk will also be an instant classic.

Joe — Apr 23, 09 6717

I'm actually leaving a tooth under my pillow, hoping that a fairy will leave me a link to this talk in about a week.

Mike Akers — Apr 24, 09 6720

Scott has posted the following on Twitter:

We're aware of the numerous requests for video from Wil's talk. We did record, just trying to figure out details.

Good news

Thomas — May 01, 09 6726

Quote from Wil Shipley’s tweets:

My iPhone talk from CocoaHeads is now on teh torrents. Big and bigger - thanks @poitch.

Happy seeding.

Spencer MacDonald — May 03, 09 6728

Thanks for the video, was a good insight into Wils iPhone developement. I was also pleased that Wil has stumbled across the same problems that I have :)

Matt Milligan — Jun 11, 09 6806

Anybody able to reseed the video, I'm stuck at 93% on the large version?

Jay Robinson — Jun 27, 09 6819

Could this be posted to Google Video?

chris g — Oct 06, 09 6930

funny, 1 'Infinite Loop' Cuppertino is the address of the default GPS coordinates in the iphone sdk simulator.
All this time I thought it was one of those quirky jokes.


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