Cocoa Twitter Accounts

I recently started posting one programming or design tip each day from @scottstevenson, and it seems that it's been going pretty well. I also started describing one class or method each day from @cocoadevcentral — sort of "learn Cocoa 140 characters at at time." Just thought you might want to know.

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Cocoa Twitter Accounts
Posted Apr 11, 2009 — 3 comments below


Andrew Knott — Apr 11, 09 6684

Thanks for all your efforts in educating Cocoa newbies. Your tutorials made it super easy for me when I started and I'm sure these new resources will make it a lot easier for more people.

thanks again


Jon H — Apr 13, 09 6686

It seems like Cocoa blogging has dried up and stopped, and everyone just twitters in jokes all the time.

Doesn't seem healthy for the Mac development community, IMHO.

Twitter might as well be Usenet, but at least in the Usenet days you weren't limited to 140 characters.

Neuro — Apr 26, 09 6723

Scott ,
when are you going to have your book published?. serously, I mean take a look at, man, it so so beautiful, it is one of main reasons why I felt in love with cooca.
The way the website is designed gives us an idea on how "your book" is going to look like.

By the way, your tweets is again made me turn back to my twitter acount after I abanded it for more than a year.


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