CocoaHeads Jan 6: Mike Lee Pimps Apps

Mike Lee (United Lemur, Tapulous, Delicious Monster) will speak at the next CocoaHeads on Tuesday, January 6 at the Apple Store in San Francisco. Mike will give an updated 2.0 version of his popular Pimp My App presentation for this special meeting during Macworld.

The meeting begins at 7pm in the upstairs theater. We will not be able to record video, so you need to show up in person if you'd like to see the presentation.

Mike Lee Tweet

You're encouraged to wear United Lemur paraphernalia, if only to attract odd looks from other people in the store. Bonus points if you can somehow work Delicious Monster into the outfit.

The map below is relative to Moscone West, since it's one of the most familiar and visible buildings in downtown:

Apple Store San Francisco Map
Apple Store is the "A" in this picture, "B" is Moscone West

Apple Store San Francisco (Stockton Street)
One Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

See you there.
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CocoaHeads Jan 6: Mike Lee Pimps Apps
Posted Jan 3, 2009 — 4 comments below


Jeff LaMarche — Jan 03, 09 6581

Awesome, I'll be there. And I'll be smart enough to get there early this time. At the WWDC CocoaHeads, I ended up standing in the printer section unable to really see or hear what was going on. Thanks for posting this.

Jesper — Jan 03, 09 6583

Would've been more fitting to host it somewhere along Stevenson St.

Joel — Jan 03, 09 6584

Thanks for setting this up, Scott.

I guess Silicon Valley NSCoder Night will be on autopilot this time :-)

Tobias — Jan 07, 09 6587

Mike mentioned a website yesterday in the aftertalk that lists the places where Cocoaheads meat up at night. It was something starting with 'hass...'
Do you got a guess?
Thx, Tobias


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