CocoaHeads Dec 11: Google Earth iPhone

At CocoaHeads Silicon Valley this Thursday, Dec 11, David Oster of Google will talk about the development of Google Earth for iPhone (app store) — one of most interesting early iPhone apps from a big-name developer. Sony has graciously offered to host us this time at their San Jose campus.

David is veteran of CocoaHeads Silicon Valley, and has presented talks on various Google Mac projects at our meetings before. He's an experienced Cocoa developer who has written quite a bit of the code that's available at the Google Mac Developer Playground. This will be a hands-on presentation, with specific insights into creating apps with the iPhone SDK.

Because of the special venue, we encourage everyone to register online before Wednesday evening. In this case, "register" just means typing your first and last name into a web form and hitting the submit button. You can still drop in on Thursday night if you don't register ahead of time, but you'll have to sign in before entering the meeting room. Basically, registering online makes life easier for our hosts.

CocoaHeads at Sony Building

Thursday, December 11 at 7pm
Mount Hamilton Room at Sony
1730 North 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95112

See you there.
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CocoaHeads Dec 11: Google Earth iPhone
Posted Dec 9, 2008 — 6 comments below


Adam — Dec 09, 08 6554

Will there be a video available for this event?

I live in the UK, so the only way I can possibly see this is via a video, although I do understand why some presentations cannot have videos

mmw — Dec 09, 08 6560

Hello Adam you should ask on the Cocoaheads-siliconvalley list, I think it will be more efficient.


j o a r — Dec 11, 08 6565

The video camera that we've been using for some of our meetings is unfortunately no available tonight. We have permission from all parties involved to shoot this meeting and post it online - we just need for someone to show up with a camera...

Abby Van Buren — Dec 15, 08 6566

If someone did record it I would love to see it!

converter — Mar 07, 09 6617

G'day Adam, I am down under in Au., I wish I could give a hand (now though). BTW this weekend I had a great time playing with the Android software powered mobile phone device and it's great!

Reese Payton — Mar 17, 09 6624

Google Earth is awesome and to be able to receive it on an iPhone, amazing.
Reese Payton


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