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Let's hear it for Google Code Search. That's right, Google-powered search for public source code. Two things really make this for me. One, you can search only for code in certain language or a certain license. So, for example:


Or, for all Objective-C code with a BSD license:

lang:objectivec license:bsd

But wait, there's more. You can actually dig into the zip packages and look at the individual files. For example you can look at the contents of Email.m from the Cocoa Dev Central Bindings Tutorial.

Syntax-colored comments and all. They even display the keyed objects if you go into nib files.
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Google Code Search
Posted Oct 5, 2006 — 3 comments below


Adrian — Oct 05, 06 1933

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reference! This will be a nice tool to bookmark as well... But I prefer the syntax highlighting of, as well as the project pages for major open source projects... :)

I find both tools ( and Google Code Search) complementing each other.

Dan Price — Oct 05, 06 1934

Wow! That is nifty! Go Google!

I remember when buying crusty-old copies of programming books and 'Inside Mac' was a pre-requisite for any programming task. Those days are over I'm glad to say :)

The only problem I have is with all the licences under which sourcecode is now available, some of which prevent you using it commercially. What ever happened to 'free' code?

Markus — Oct 18, 06 2089

And then there's


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