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Comment on "A Quick Objective-C 2.0 Tutorial"
by Blain — Oct 29
Proofreading Obj-C, but leaving the english untouched. Why does it seem so appropriate?

The logic behind NSString *foo over NSString* foo is in how the C compiler reads things. (NSString *) is the data type either way, but if you had NSString* foo,bar;, you'd assume that both foo and bar are NSString*s. But the compiler reads it more like NSString *foo, bar;- foo is NSString*, what we want, but bar is only NSString struct, not the all important pointer, and things would break. You'd need NSString *foo, *bar;.

Yes, the compiler doesn't care about whitespace, it's purely for the reader's benefit, and all carries from when it was a case of int foo, *bar being the same as int *bar, foo.

BTW, is there any chance for an inline code tag? Something that simply uses a monospace font instead of bold or italic?
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