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Comment on "A Quick Objective-C 2.0 Tutorial"
by Steven Quinones-Colon — Oct 28
I'm really new to Objective C, and purposely resisted for the last couple of months to do much programming so I could wait for the new syntax stuff and learn everything at once, now I'm glad I did. One thing that has always bother me, and can't really find an explanations anywhere about what seems to me differences between C and Objective-C in pointer notation.
What's the difference between:
NSString* foo and NSString *foo

and why this?:
- (NSString*)title { return title;}

and not this:
- (NSString)*title { return title;}

and why this?:
Movie* newMovie = [Movie movie];

and not this:
Movie *newMovie = [Movie movie];

Again, a novice here coming from Python, so please be gentle.
Best regards.
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