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Comment on "A Quick Objective-C 2.0 Tutorial"
by Joachim Bengtsson — Oct 28
Indeed, nice introduction.

However, there's one thing I'm a bit worried about. Your +[movie] method doesn't autorelease its value, because it's redundant on GC'd code, I get that. However, I worry that if one writes code like that before the GC is very mature and common (say, three years from now?), one might get problems later on. Say you have to disable GC in your app because of some GC bug, or maybe you reuse the code in another project that doesn't have GC. From experience, adding correct memory usage /afterwards/ is a real PITA and you always miss cases you would've caught while writing the code. (This is of course not nearly as true in Cocoa as in C++, but still).

What's your view on this, Scott? And the other readers, of course. Should one keep writing retain-correct code for the time being even in GC'd apps?
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